create quality backlinks for free
create quality backlinks for free

If you are a website owner then you should definitely know about Backlinks and also have some knowledge on how to create quality backlinks for free. Don’t worry if you don’t know about backlinks we will explain all in detail in this post.

If you know what is backlinks and want to know more about it then also you will find this post informative. For this post, we have followed an approach from beginner SEO to intermediate and finally to an expert level SEO tips and tricks.

Create quality Backlinks for free – most trusted tested method

What is Backlink?

A backlink is simply a hyperlink that points out to another website from one website. In simple words, When a website is linking to another site it is called a backlink.

Backlinks are the most important tool for off-page search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO plays a very important part in improving your search engine rankings. Basically there are two main types of SEO.

  1. ON page SEO
  2. OFF Page SEO

Backlinks come under OFF Page SEO. In this article, we will discuss OFF Page SEO that is Backlinks in detail. If you want a detailed post on On Page SEO then comment we will make it also.

Common Terminology related to Backlinks

Here are some of the most common terms that you will come across several times when talking about backlinks. We have simplified these terms to make you understand.

  1. No-Follow link: This type of backlinks will not be effective or productive in improving your site ranking in search engines. A no-follow link indicates search engines to not follow these links. They are only for human beings. No-follow backlinks are effective if it is from a High authority site.
  2. Do-Follow Link: This type of backlinks are beneficial for your site as it search engines to follow your site and index it. By default, every link is a do-follow link. These do follow link passes the link equity to your site.
  3. Link juice: When a high authority site links (do-follow) to your site, it shows that your site has something better. It is also known as Link equity. Search engines pass the link juice of that high authority domain to your domain. This helps your domain authority.
  4. Linking Root domain: This shows how much unique domain link to your site. It has to do nothing with the number of links from one domain. it only looks for unique domain. 100 links from one single domain will be considered 1 root linking domain.
  5. Internal links: Internal links are links that point to a page on the same domain. This helps in the interlinking of your site.
  6. Low-Quality Links: Links coming to your site from low authority sites or spammy sites or pirated sites or even porn sites are considered as low-quality links. These links can be harmful to your site authority and rankings. Avoid these links. It is better to not link to any site then to have such backlink.
  7. Anchor text: Anchor text means the text that is used for hyperlinking to a website.


Importance of Backlinks

Understand this simply with the help of the image shown below. Suppose that a site X find something important on your site Y and link back to you. Similarly, Site Z also Backlink to your site. In the same way, there may be hundreds of site linking to you.

Create quality Backlinks for free
Create quality Backlinks for free

By these backlink, search engine thinks that your site Y has content that is worth linking to you and they also showcase your website on their top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Thus Backlinks give a positive signal to search engines like Google and Bing that your site has important content that is worth showing to their users.

Advantages of Backlinks

Backlinks can shoot your ranking in search engines. The following are the most important features of backlinks.

  1. Organic Ranking: As discussed earlier also backlink helps your site to rank higher on the search engine result page.
  2. Helps in faster indexing: If your site has backlinks from high DA and PA sites then it will help in faster indexing. High authority websites are crawled more frequently by search engines.
  3. Referral Traffic: Apart from improving your search engine visibility, backlinks also refer to high-quality traffic to your site if both the content relates. This referral traffic is targeted traffic and has a low bounce rate statistics.

How to get Backlinks

These are some of the best ways to get quality backlinks for free in 2019.

Shout me loud change this

  1. Write awesome articles
  2. Use broken link building methods
  3. replicate your competitor’s backlinks
  4. Create cornerstone articles (Pillar articles)
  5. Earning Backlink and giving a backlink
  6. Competitive backlink research
  7. Start Gust blogging
  8. submit to web directories
  9. Keep Learning

Good backlink profile look likes

A good backlink profile should have backlinks from various domains from all over the world. If one has acquired backlink naturally it will consist of links from governmental agencies (.gov) and also educational institutes (.edu) links.

Links from the site with extensions such as .org .com .edu and .gov carries a higher authority and greater trust value. these links will boost your search rankings.


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